Gary Michael Bass
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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

  How much do you charge?  
  Rates are listed in my brochure as well on my web site ( Rates are primarily based on the type and duration of your event. Additional fees can be charged for extra travel outside of the Austin area, requested rehearsals, extra equipment, and specially requested songs.  
  What kind of music do you play?  
  I play a broad range of songs that includes timeless standards from the 20's to today, listenable jazz, light classical, and some country. In addition, I have a broad repertoire of wedding pieces and Christmas songs. For most events, where the guests' ages vary, I perform a variety of material.  
  How far in advance should I book your services?  
  The sooner the better. I recommend calling three to six months before your event, although calling a year ahead is not too soon. However, some dates do not get booked until the last minute so it never hurts to call and check availability.  
  I want to learn more. Do I need to schedule an appointment and meet with you?  
  Not necessarily. In today's busy world, most of the details can be arranged over the phone and through the mail. Simply call me at (512) 244-1925 for a free phone consultation. We can discuss your event and determine all of the specifics, usually in the first call. You will be sent a demo CD, brochure, additional literature, and an Entertainment Agreement (a contract). The contract details what services will be performed, the time and date of your event, the cost, the location, and even what I will be wearing.  
  I have decided to use your services at my event. What happens next?  
  To reserve my services, sign and return the contract with a non-refundable $100 deposit. The deposit will be applied towards your full payment. The signed contract and deposit will secure your date and time. The final payment (the contracted amount minus the $100 deposit already paid) is then due seven days before your event. Please note, the contract must be returned within two weeks of the issue date. If the two weeks expire, your date and time become available to other clients. If you are still interested but need more time, I will extend the expiration date if possible.  
  Do you charge extra for travel?  
  For locations outside the Austin area, the fee is $50 per additional hour of travel. This will be discussed during the initial complementary consultation.  
  Are there any extra charges not stated in the contract?  
  All charges and services are listed in the contract. There are no hidden fees for set-up, take-down, taxes, etc. However, if later you decide on additional services that are not documented in the contract (i.e., attending a rehearsal, learning additional special songs at your request) extra fees can apply.  
  What if we're running late and we need you to play past your scheduled time?  
  As long as I do not have an additional commitment that follows your event, playing extra is not a problem. The fee for overtime is $50 per half-hour and is documented in the contract.  
  I do not have a piano. Do you have an electronic keyboard that you can bring?  
  Yes, I have a professional keyboard with state-of-the-art piano sounds plus an external amplifier that can bring music anywhere (even outdoors). The only thing I require is a roughly 7' x 7' space and a standard 110V grounded receptacle somewhere nearby. I bring everything else including a stool on which to sit.  
  I am not familiar with the songs played at wedding ceremonies. Can you help me?  
  My demo CD and website include me playing 24 of the most popular wedding processionals and recessionals. These provide an excellent selection for your choice of songs for the bridesmaids' entrance, bride's entrance, and the bride & groom exit. You may also select any song listed on my Standards Repertoire as well (i.e., using “It Had To Be You” for your recessional).  
  I am not very good at choosing music. Can you choose songs for us?  
  Yes. If you are not comfortable choosing songs for your event, I can make all of the selections for you.  
  Can we pick the songs?  
  Yes. Included in the initial information packet as well as on my website,, is a list of my most requested songs (Standards Repertoire). I will play as many of your choices that time permits.  
  Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?  
  In almost all situations, it is unnecessary for me to attend the rehearsal. If you still would like me to attend the rehearsal, the fee is $100 (plus any additional travel fees if applicable).  
  I have a song that has always been special to me. Can you learn and play it?  
  If your request is already part of my repertoire, I will play it. Otherwise, the fee is $75 per song. Please let me know your request at least four weeks prior to your event. It also helps if you can provide me a recording (mp3, CD, or cassette) of the song for my reference.  
  My friend wants to sing at my wedding. Can you accompany her?  
  Yes. We can discuss the details during the initial consultation.  
  Do you take breaks and how long are they?  
  I usually take a short break (12 to 15 minutes) between each 45 to 50 minute set. For example, during a three-hour reception, I will take two short breaks. If possible, I try to take my break at opportune times (i.e., during the toast or announcements). I do not take breaks during wedding ceremonies.  
  What do you wear?  
  In most cases, I wear a full tuxedo, unless otherwise specified. During the initial consultation, we will decide on my attire, which will be documented in the contract.  
  Do I call you “Gary” or “Gary Michael?”  
  I prefer “Gary Michael” although either is fine.  
  What is the meaning of life?  
  I am sorry but this is one question for which you'll have to find the answer yourself.  

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